Hey beloved Newschoolers gang - this is Coach Trifes.

I just wanted to introduce you to my newest Project with this "article" to let everyone know - there is a new coach in town.I've been thinking about launching this project "Coach Trifes" for quite some time now. Corona and the lockdown were the catalyst to now finally make it a reality.

I believe in the analytical and detailed approach, that results out of a decade of experience skiing comps, shooting full movies & coaching first hand. Most of the circulating (except a few single videos) follow the classic "well just take off and spin broooo" approach. I'm trying to get you all the insights i've gathered myself over the years of doing any of those tricks.

My goal is to provide a sustainable platform that will create an archive for all tricks i can do & constant online live coaching via Patreon for trouble shooting. Anything from easy peasy to absurd things like 1620s... & jibs.

You want to 180 - i got you.

You want to switch dub 14 - i got you.

You want to lip blind 2 - i got you.

Honestly , i genuinely think there needs to be a bridge between people that like to ski park and do some tricks to someone who genuinely likes to improve their trick bag to his own personal limit, wherever this may take him.

I feel like there is a too big of a gap between "the average park skier" and "progressed park skier" and not because they are skillfully better. The pace & the kind of tricks you can potentially learn, are actually depending on so many other factors - i.e. from friends you ski with over to the knowledge etc.

You don't have to be a comp jokey or a Pro-Skier to do dub10s or crazy Flat 900's for example. Anyone can do it if they get shown how. The ultimate success relies on the person itself - but i can at least try to pave the way as good as i can.

The amount of times i was able to witness people learn tricks they literally did not see themselves doing at all is actually mind boggling - just because someone actually explained it on how to actually do it with all the details including making it more accessible for them.

Nobody talks about the hidden secret stuff - no one - i will ! I'm quite tired of these videos where people mention on a backflip tutorial for example - "yeah pop, throw your arms and look back..." like no shit sherlock we all know that or teaching a Cork 7 so absurdly wrong - i want to throw up.

Aidan G.Love when you play the videos in reverse a bunch, that way u can really get a good look at the skiers body positioning👍🏼👍🏼. Awesome video my guy
Matt M.this is sick bro, love the tutorial style

If you're not able to make the person understand the concept of why this trick actually is working out the way it does - they just won't be able to do it.

So this is why i decided to take things into my own hands and make sure the skiing community has access to a qualified person that has done the things he is talking about couple hundred times in multiple ways - there is no #1 formula for each trick.

I want to build that mentioned bridge & make any trick more accessible to skiers at least knowledge wise.

If you want to do a trick - no matter the difficulty (from 180 to bonkers) - heck yeah you should be able to chase it for your own entertainment and shouldn't be locked out of it because the knowledge is not being shared or not in reach for this person.

The only reason why you're not able to do a trick should be because you chose not to do it for personal reasons or physical incapability and not because there is no access to it.

I took inspiration for this from Skateboarding. I started to skate this spring (first lockdown) literally had no clue what i'm doing. crooked sketchy Ollies standing still were the best i can do. Friends, strangers at the skate spots and actually quality tutorial videos helped me progress so fast people thought i was bullshitting.

I want this for skiing too. I feel like it's a good way of giving back to the community & the sport that has given me so much.

If you'd asked me why i'm skiing - i'd always say for progression. The feeling of overcoming things and challenging myself to continuously push is the only reason why i ski the way i do - it's just so much fun.

As i also enjoy creating videos and this channel will occasionally drop full edits of park/powder days with friends and behind the scenes stuff from myself.

Hope you guys can make use of it for yourself & learn some more stuff - because i'm doing it for myself and the fun of it.

These are my launching videos - some were already viewable here - as i was soft tapping the water on how people react to it haha.

Cork 7 Blunt Tutorial


Cork 3 Tutorial


Rawcut Edit Episode:


[BTS] on how i learned the dub16:



Let me know what else you'd like to see & know - i'll happily respond.

& if you really want to help me on my journey here - just sub on youtube. It gives me a chance to make this big through partnering with them directly and provide a greater exposure of the tutorials.

Also thanks to @Line_Skis @Saga. and many more to support me with any projects i'm going with.

Showing the yungin how to nosebutter

yungin trying nosebutter

yungin steezing the nosebutter

- Coach Trifes

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