Discussion with ski industry legend Félix Rioux

We talked about Félix's upbringing in Montréal and how he got to work in the ski industry. Through the inline skating scene, Félix made his way into the snowblade scene, eventually becoming a team manager for Salomon

While being a professional photographer, traveling the world, Félix saw the opportunity for a Freeskki centered shop and founded D-structure with partners.

As a professional photographer, Félix traveled the world for close to 15 years shooting with the world's best

In 2007, seeing the annual hype for ski movies, Félix and partners (Mr. Bishop & JF Durocher) started the IF3 Festival

Through the years, Félix worked as a marketing directors for multiple brands including Sunice and Chic-chac resort (currently)

Félix has been around the block since the inception of freeskiing and it was really interesting to get to chat with him.


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