As a result of New Year's Day with its associated struggles, welcome to the first Weakend of 2017. After an industry wide period of festive hibernation, this week has been a pretty busy one in terms of ski news. LSM signed with ON3P to form an untouchable BunchXON3P trio with Magnus Graner and BMack. Andy Parry/Newschoolers revealed more details of the new Tell A Friend Tour competitions we're running, the first of which is happening as I pen this article and in other competition news, the lineup for X Games Real Street was announced on Thursday. It's a stacked lineup and anyone could take the honours, but if I was betting it'd have to be Henrik right? Everyone is absolutely on top of the game but I've yet to be convinced Dollo is human. Magnus wins the invite announcement prize though.

The last big piece of news, which kind of flew under the radar, was the announcement of the Olympic judges for 'freeskiing'. This might seem like a kind of boring one, but judges set the tone for the whole event, as evidenced by Jason Arens' head judge role at Dew Tour. The Olympic panel will be headed up by Phil Belanger and the US representative will be Steele Spence (AFP GM), take from that what you will.

Cutting the week's ski media down to just a few picks was, as always, nigh on impossible. Bobby Brown dropped a banger one shot line in Alpental and like many of our audience, I'd love to see the full clip with no fast forward. Toast dropped their first cut of the year and Gavin Rudy proved once again he's no slouch in front of the lens as well as being a boss behind one. But my first choice is a no brainer. The Hood Crew dropped their full movie and it was everything you wanted and more. People are so stoked on it that even the trailer alone made the Month's top rated videos. If you somehow haven't watched this, watch it now. If you have, give er' another go.

Quinn Wolferman has dropped two edits in the last two weeks which could potentially make the cut here, but I've gone for the latter of the two both because it's longer (and thus contains more heaters) and because it reminds me how spoiled we are in world of steadycams. Yes, if you watch too closely you might feel like puking by the end but damn, Quinn is taking over doing hoodrad shit daily (yeah it's a word now).

Third up is Joona, who always seems to make it into The Weakend showing. He puts out a crazy amount of footage, and this time he dropped a heater full edit on NS itself. Quinn picked him as one of his favorites to watch in his Style Showdown interview so that fits nicely in to the article narrative. Joona if you're reading this, drop those pole jam shots from insta in a proper video format, damn son!

And lastly, I wanted to highlight this banger which I don't think got the attention it deserved. I'm a big fan of random cruising tricks thrown in to park edits and Zach Masi's three gap at Carinthia swung it for me to make this a pick. He's definitely 'On The Come Up'. Read more, click here!

It seems to be absolutely nuking everywhere, (except Saas Fee, where I am) so I have high hopes for some pow/street bangers in time for next weeks instalment. See you then!