For this week's Style Showdown, we're putting team Armada up against team K2. Check out both edits, then vote and comment below.


First up is 19-year-old Armada team rider Quinn Wolferman, fresh off his Dew Tour Game Changer Award win.

NEWSCHOOLERS: What was the overall approach for this edit? Did you plan to film it pretty far in advance?

WOLFERMAN: This edit was actually super random. I was about to leave the mountain around 2:00PM, and Wyatt rolled up and asked if I wanted to film. I'm always down with an afternoon with him; I really like his approach to filming. He's super fun to lap with. He skis fast and can ski well himself, so he understands where to be.

It was mad tiring actually, since it was so late in the day. But I was feelin' it at the same time, so I kinda put that 2:00PM feeling in the back of my head. When it came to editing, I got the clips and sat on them for a second, deciding where to put them and how I wanted them to be viewed. When I cut them up, I tried out four or five different songs and I ended up settling on a Future song, which isn't really my style typically. But it went with the skiing, so I liked it. I try to change my music selection for edits a lot.

Which skiers are putting out edits that you really enjoy watching?

Phil, Henrik, Torin, ABM, Andy Partridge, Jonah Elston, Colby Stevenson, and Joona Kangas are some of my favorites to watch flow in a park. But outside of the park, like in pow, I really like Sammy C and Markus Eder a lot. For urban, the Keeshlife crew just released some of the most creative and insane stuff I've ever seen. Good Company is another squad I enjoy in the streets and BC.


Next up is 21-year-old K2 athlete Kai Mahler, hailing from Switzerland.

NEWSCHOOLERS: How did this edit come to be?

MAHLER: Vincent Skrettenberg and I wanted to put out a Stubai edit together, and since I've done a Stubai edit every year, I decided to put the two together. Vinni bought a camera and that's how this one got started.

Who would you say influences your style?

I love watching many skiers, but for me, I feel like Kid Cudi's "Man On The Moon" albums helped me a lot with creating my own stuff.


Whose skiing did you enjoy watching more? Vote and comment below. Winner will be announced January 9th at 9AM EST.