In this episode, we sit down with the one and only Tall T Dan. Dan has been the creative force behind Arsenic Anywhere for over a decade and contributes more to the ski community than anyone else. Over the years you might have seen him filming Trudays at Big Bear, riding Mt Hood during Spring Pass, in Sweden for Kimbo Sessions, rolling around the Mid West with Andy Perry for Tell a Friend Tour, or lapping Sunshine Quad at Sugarbush. Now, he's here over Zoom for 2 hours on St Patrick's Day. Oh the places you'll go.

Thank you, Dan (in general and for coming on the podcast). Enjoy folks!



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Introducing Tall T Dan

0:00:30 6th annual Down Rails and Double Kinks event, origin story

0:04:40 Importance of community events growing up, Community in skiing

0:09:10 Getting into Filming

0:12:10 Origin of - (33) Arsenic, Tall T, Cashcrop logo, Only trick Lip on Blind 2, Starting a company at school

0:29:50 Being surrounded by some of the best riders in the world

0:39:30 Crews, YMR, Hg Skis, WTRP videos

0:53:25 The fit

1:00:55 Creative process, Most sold

1:08:35 Fashion, Athletic training

1:17:20 Going Full time Arsenic, Not quitting

1:24:40 Viewer questions