Luke Votaw is a 19 year old comp skier who is best known for his posts on social media future spinning in designer clothes. While some people online think that he is just another spoiled academy kid, the truth is that Luke is a humble, Mid West, public school attending, teenager who has big comp dreams. In this episode, we clear up some misconceptions about Luke.



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Intro, New Zealand Update,

0:01:35 Starting skiing and competing young, first edit, progressing to the next level

0:06:50 First USASA and nationals, Status going into high school

0:10:45 Milestones, College while competing in World Cups, Decision to hammer social media, bringing fashion into it

0:17:58 Key to getting to the next level, Approach to riding at Home mountain and progressing big tricks,

0:24:50 Comparing to Jackson k, Competitive motivation, Starting to land high level tricks, New Zealand season

0:30:00 Influences, Future goals, Pressure to ski urban, Monetizing on Tik Tok

37:40 Response to spin to win, Rail Jams, Riding and getting on Line, Missing first World Cup

0:45:00 Hot Take/Viewer Questions, Closing