Phil Casabon doesn’t do many interviews…what he’s known for is style on his skis and there aren’t too many in the world today that make skiing look as good as Phil. While he has two X Games Gold Medals in the Real Snow category and competed for years, that’s not what Phil is all about. He’s about edit’s that focus creativity. On the podcast we talk coming up, Henrik, Wu-Tang, plants, fungus, and a lot of skiing and style. It’s a must listen episode

Phil Casabon Show Notes

2:00: Injury and Helmets

11:00: Growing up in Canada, ski racing and quitting

15:00: Other sports, ski movies, rollerblading, and the scene

19:00: Stanley: Get 30% off site wide with the code powell30

Evo: The best online experience in action sports with retail to back it up

686 Technical Apparel: The best outerwear in the world

21:45: Urban, being small, and style

25:00: Does he have a ski future, sponsors, JP Auclair and being star struck

33:00: Trouble with weed at 12, energy drinks, and investing

39:00: Meeting Henrik, hip hop and back to weed

44:15 Spy Optic: Get 20% off on their site using the code TPM20

10 Barrel Brewery: Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

46:00: Wu-Tang, Mushrooms, and Level 1

51:00: B & E Show, editing, and X-Games

55:00: Inspired, Team Canada, and X-Games Real Snow

65:00: Pro models, Nuance, and other projects

72:00: Inappropriate Questions with Eric Iberg

Photo: Full Tilt