In this episode, we sit down with the lead editor of Child Labor, Garrett Whaley.



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Why Not?: Notes:

0:00:00 Background

0:01:35 Connecticut, Mount Snow, Competing

0:07:45 Salt Lake City

0:10:15 Child Labor, Origin Story, Progressing

0:20:15 Alberta Trip, Traveling and Funding, Emmett

0:26:15 Planning/Vision

0:32:05 Clip Breakdown / Screen share start

0:36:00 Deciding opener, B-Roll, Sourcing music

0:43:10 Watching edits

0:44:45 Shoveling out spots, Worst/Best at shoveling

0:48:00 Spot prep and experience

0:49:55 Kink breakdown

0:55:10 Slams, Helmets

0:58:45 TallT Dan

1:01:00 Ohio clips and Ender

1:04:35 Outro

1:10:55 Ender

1:14:00 Hot Take / Viewer Questions