The idea behind this article series was to gather unfiltered, unadulterated (& anonymous) thoughts, good or bad, from pros, your average joe, and anyone inbetween. Contrary to what most magazines try to portray, skiing isn't all rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes you want to speak your mind on issues but, if you did you would be crucified publicly. This isn't supposed to be a series or idea that breeds hate or anything of the sort. This is merely a platform to voice your opinion on the world of skiing. If this offends you, I'm sorry.

Not really.

1. Who is most passionate about skiing? Is it the kid who grew up riding Breck with perfect jumps and perfect weather or the kid out on the East Coast freezing his ass off, hitting shitty features with his friends no matter the weather. Our first submission weighs in on his side of the issue.

"What drives me crazy is the idea that you're not a skier if you just slay a rope tow park. People who think that I want to beat to death with a crowbar. Skiers who ride that shit have the real deal passion. If you ain't riding a ropetow on 200' of vertical (which people have dropped bigger cliffs no parachute) then you don't know the proper love for skiing. If its all pow, you're a pussy. I'm telling you, they have no idea what real passion for skiing is like. You don't have passion if its good absolutely every day. Dude, skiing in quebec it gets to -40. That is why the quebeckers are always so good. They ski in the really shitty shit."

2. This one is going to piss people off. Why? Because they are criticizing women's skiing, more specifically, Brooke Potter's Ultraviolence edit which is the first full urban edit from a girl.

"I loved the shot where she slides some down rail and comes off like 2 feet really? You're going to include the shot where you don't get the rail? People are fucking delusional. So much hype, played at IF3, and I knew it was gonna be an edit of straight slides. And every one is so stoked, praising her. One front 2. I'd say girls urban is over 10 years behind guys urban."

3. The injustice in terms of payment in the world of skiing is very noticeable. This is a very interesting solution to a problem that many film skiers (NSers too) have voiced their opinion on in the past few years. Is this a viable way to compensate skiers like Clayton Vila or Ahmet Dadali that put out high quality content with less than stellar backing by sponsors, for free?

"I want the ski industry to appreciate the videography side of the sport more than the competition side. Many of the skiers making "big money" in relation to the rest of the sport are competition skiers, when really the guys who are pushing the limits in the streets or creating videos that are getting 40,50,000 views influence viewers much more IMO. Much like how YouTube pays per view on videos, I think that many more skiers could produce amazing content if their sponsors set up a similar program. When A sponsored rider creates a movie at the end of the season, the sponsors should compensate them based on the number of views/hits that skiers video receives.

Also, fuck FIS."

4. It's a struggle out there for the real ass skiers.

"I like wearing tall tees and dressing like a thug even though I'm not a fucking park rat, I hate it when people write off my skiing because of the way I'm dressed."

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