Brooke Potter-Ultraviolence

published Oct 2015 - 7,066 views

Spent a season focusing on filming an all street project. So many homies to thank for this one... Josh Wong, Katrina, Birrion, John Arendt, Cody Potter, Stefanie Mossler, Gavin Rudy, Andrew Mildenberger, Rees Gibbons, Christian Shackelford, Michael Emmet, Alex Brown, Savannah Pitts, Chris Krance, Drew Van Gorder, Jay Badgley, and Paul Dowell.

Credit: Lots of people

Skier: Brooke Potter

Location: Summit, Denver, Vail, Conifer, Evergreen

Music: Timber Timbre- Trouble Comes Knockin

Rails nspinknames


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