Recently, we've heard some terrible news.  A 13 year old up and coming skier, Tanner Olson, passed away the other day in a car accident on the way home shredding from Mt Hood.

We were fortunate enough to have met Tanner this past year over at the Chamberlain Rail Jam in Bozeman, Montana.  He was a great kid full of energy and stoke who definitely had a unique passion for skiing.  Despite being one of the youngest competitors in the Jam, he ignored any pressure that was put on him and stepped up to slay the different features just as well as anyone else.  While his time here was cut short and his future potential left unknown, we're confident that such a great kid will find a spot in heaven on the lift right alongside others such as CR and Shane; scoping lines and ripping pow with the best. We wish Tanners family and friends all the best.  Shred in Peace, little buddy..