In this episode, we sit down with one of the most underrated skier in the game: Seamus Flanagan. Seamus has been on a tear the past few years with banger segments in Most Gutter and Delete by Strictly + Why Not? by Child Labor. Don't sleep on this episode and never ever sleep on Seamus Flanagan.

Show Notes:

0:00:00 Intro, Recent street trip

0:01:05 Viewer Question Edmington street spots

0:02:15 Early life, Family, Older brother Aidan filming Getting into skiing

0:06:05 Eric Iberg Era, Inspired, Inspirations

0:08:20 Jibberish, Career

0:12:15 Armada

0:13:00 School, Competition, Big mountain and powder

0:16:45 Mom and Dads thoughts

0:18:20 Moving to Summit County

0:21:45 Strictly, Banged up, 70/30

0:25:10 Park, Trick progression

0:29:00 Strictly in the beginnning and reconnecting, Coaching

0:38:45 Screen share, clip review, Scary Seamus

0:39:10 Massive Lip on back 2, Back 6 from (MOST GUTTER)

0:50:35 C Trap rail (Why not?)

0:54:35 Roof drop dfd (Why not?)

0:58:25 Delete Closer and Roof to roof battle

1:03:35 Viewer Questions



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Most Gutter by Strictly Not by Child Labor by Strictly