In this episode, we sit down with Hunter Hess and Owen Dahlberg to discuss their most recent film "SOULSTAR".



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Update

0:02:35 Naming "SOULSTAR" bad names and how they found the one

0:05:30 Hunters' decision for a solo project, Separating Hunter from Alex and Hunter

0:11:40 Hunters' Injury, Ski porn vs Story

0:15:40 Clip Review - UHaul wall ride back story

0:23:45 Urban 4 on battle, "Urban rookie", Roof drop story

0:34:15 Double over halfpipe cutter attached to groomer in pipe

0:48:50 Unique rotations, Backcountry Triple 14, Owen doesn't miss and Hunter is persistent

1:21:30 Viewer Questions