Paul is an ex pro skier who made a lot of waves in the ski industry with his unique style and world-class skills. He quickly made a name for himself filming with Quebec crews NSF productions and ESK media. Later on, he cemented his position as an influential skier competing on the world stage and filming with crews like Stept and Inspired media. With a series of injuries, Paul transitioned towards filmmaking. He since worked on projects such as JF Houle's HOULIGAN movie & 2016 Real ski silver medal video and Émile Bergeron's 2020 real ski silver medal video.

B-Paul talks skiing with Candide



We discussed his whole career. His youth growing up in Lac-Beauport, Québec. His influences in skiing and what led him to get his first sponsors. The rise from a local guy to a skier known as one of the best in the world. The struggle of living the pro skier lifestyle in an era where the Olympics changed a lot of things. Dealing with multiple injuries and finally transitioning into filmmaking.

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