Newschooler's Review:

This ski has quickly become my new favorite all-mountain ski. They just rip, and they rip everywhere. An all mountain ski that is wide enough to handle pretty much any conditions, whether it's a foot of fresh or spring park laps, these will go anywhere. I've dropped cliffs, hit tight tree lines, skied knee deep powder, and hit jumps with them, all with confidence that the skis under me won't wash out or be able to handle what I'm about to do. They give you the confidence to become a better skier because you know they can handle anything. If i had to pick one ski to ride for the rest of my life, it'd probably be the Kartel 108. - BWalmer

Characteristics: Super Stable, Surfy Float

Manufacturer's Description:

Fast, powerful, and stylish: words that define the scope of our Kartel line. This year, a three ski line-up represents a more focused option for those with jib thinking running through their all mountain persuasions. Elliptical rocker profile and full length carbon fiber stringers come standard, as does our 100% bamboo core and thick, fast bases and edges.

New for 2019, the Kartel 108 introduces our new Hybrid Sidecut - Elliptical Sidecut from Boot Center forward, combined with a standard radius in the rear, result in a ski that carves aggressively when driven, but remains balanced and solid through the turn shape. The Kartel 108 is the best all mountain ski for West Coast skiers looking for a playful yet powerful daily driver. Park, powder, crud, hardpack - this ski will do it all. Incorporating years of design, this is the everyday all mountain ski you will find on the feet of every ON3P employee, and with good reason.

Sizes: 171, 176, 181, 186, 191 CM

Dimensions: 133-137 / 108 / 128-130 MM

Radius: 20.2-22.9 M

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