Characteristics: Optimal Float, Improved Maneuverability in Soft Conditions, Beastly

Manufacturer's Description:

Since our beginning, the Cease & Desist has been a constant reminder that sometimes you just need to run with it. This ski was designed to be the ultimate, Big Mountain powder ski, and soon earned a name that reminds us every day of why we do what we do.

For 2019, we've brought the Cease & Desist back to its roots (with no certified letter this time) as a focused, inbounds powder charger. We've retained the Asymmetrical Tip Taper (ATT) design featuring our Offset Tip Shape (OTS), to maximize the Cease & Desists ability to smear in and out of turns in the deepest of snow.

The biggest change for 2019 is the move back to our Freeride Rocker platform. Where previous, heavily rockered models excelled as deep snow specialists, they lacked the versatility and usage needed to justify them as an everyday powder platform. The updated Cease & Desist shares an RES & rocker platform similar to the Billy Goat, in a tour flex to save weight and keep the skis light on your feet.

Sizes: 184, 189

Specs: In final testing, TBD!

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