Photo cred : @nmwninjart

What a strong transition into December.

Almost half of everyone that voted in last weeks poll said they wanted to see more Urban parts in the rewind, and luckily for us we had @tfitz come through for us in a big way. COHESION comes in at just under 7 minutes and perfectly demonstrates just how coordinated and quick Tucker really is. To put it simply, he's one of those guys who just makes it look easy.


On Wednesday, @widepantzzzz dropped DIGITALIZE 2. Another short and sweet part at just over 3 minutes, but there are some absolutely gnarly hits jampacked in there. I'd call this one a hidden gem, lower on the view count, and totally deserving of some major props. Welcome to the rewind.


I've got one for the backcountry crowd this time. Yours Truly is an 8-minute showcase of Cole Richardson absolutely throwing it down in BC. ...this short film captures the hunt for powder, pillows, and lines through the lens of Cole’s signature creativity and style.


A full-length farewell piece from @strictly titled Delete brought us a very healthy mix of street and backcountry parts. I really have no idea what these guys have got planned for their futures individually, but my god I'll miss seeing them together under the STRICLY banner. A crew for the ages, funny as hell and total ballers.


Here to finish us off in the videos tab this week is @Cal.Vid with 4:3 and you're free. A very short sprint of some rail game from PC, and that sweet switch ollie clip you've probably already seen floating around earlier this week. idk man, we just skiin'


Earlier in the week, @Twig gave us a brilliant review of the final film from STRICTLY, Delete. Anything that I would have written on the matter wouldn't hold a candle to what he was able to put together, and I don't think many others could have done any better. It's a perfectly digestible length piece, so before you do anything else, be sure to go check it out, you'll be glad you did.

A big thanks needs to be extended to @milo-mcsenderson for putting together the collection of individual edits from the DaniHell Hanka Invitational. This is an absolutely wild event, and it does a fantastic job of showcasing some of the most fun to watch mad lads in skiing today.

@cydwhit posted up a small bit on Painting Your Own Holiday Cards,

and @Twig put in the overtime this week with his Roofbox review of the Dynastar MFree99's.

I am going to leave it with this final written piece called Remember Every Turn. Everybody has their own way of writing a so-called "love letter" to skiing, and this week we were able to see skiing through the eyes of @PsychicMigration . At the end of day skiing, I'll frequently think to myself "why does this get me so jacked up", and pieces like this pretty much nail it every time. Even thought I'm kicking it out in Utah now, I'll always remember my early days back home at Sugarloaf and Sunday River as some of the best ski days I'll ever have.


In conjunction with the release of Cole Richardson's film Yours Truly we are giving away a brand-new outerwear kit from Arc'teryx. Not just any outerwear kit but his kit of choice!

Prize: a pair of Arc'teryx Sabre Pants & 1 Rush Arc'teryx Jacket.