A seemingly quieter time in the industry this week, but still, we have content! Our mountain here opens on Monday, with 3 trails of man-made snow... but it counts!


Tuesday came in big and delivered upon us back to back banger flicks. Though brief, edits from both Sammy C and Mitchell Brower were clearly the two biggest hits in the Videos tab this week.

RESILIENCE seeks to outline just that trait in Sammy, displaying the highs and lows throughout his career.

980476Mitchel Brower's SWIRL reminds us all why he claimed the SuperUnknown win back in 2014, man has style and knows how to go HUGE.


Cheers made a very strong showing on Wednesday, once again showcasing the quality coming out of the Sugarbush crews. This is what having fun looks like.

980599There are plenty of other awesome parts that I didn't mention this week, but head on over here and comb through the endless sea that is the Videos tab.


Starting off the week strong in the News tab, @MattMasson released the second part in his series on sustainability in our sport, this time focusing on skis rather than outerwear. We spoke to two freeski legends (and friends) who come at this issue from different angles; Pep Fujas explains what WNDR Alpine is about and his Nimbus Independent pal, Eric Pollard, discusses his new company, Season Eqpt.

@cydwhit gave us some great insight on how to ACTUALLY save weight when heading out into the backcountry. We missed the point. We tried to make small marginal changes in weight distribution, instead of looking for a paradigm shift. Revolutionary stuff going on here, gonna want to jump on this NOW.

Finally, a fun piece from @Lonely about What your Skis Say About You. Even with so many options for skis, most skiers and what they ski, fall into some pretty hilarious groups. I know I found myself in here somewhere.


This week we're working with Renoun to give away a pair of their Citadel 106's. The Citadel 106 is the ultimate ski for those who are looking for lightweight performance. Both light and stable, a combination not previously possible. These sticks are sick, so follow the link here to get your name in the drawing!


Hope this trimmed down recap was able to satisfy, I'll most likely be maintaining a similar format going forward, top 3 in a couple of categories, maybe I'll add a section for most inflammatory threads? Or ya know, maybe not. If you think something else deserved a spot in my top 3 let me hear it. Take it easy everyone, till next time!