In this episode, we sit down with the founders of Misfit Skis. What started as a dream for Lukas Billingsley and Ian Williams became a reality this past season with the launch of their new ski company. In this episode, we follow the story of how an internship gone sour and a chance encounter at an Arsenic Anywhere Bring Your Own Beanie event lead to the birth of new ski company.



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Founder's Intro

0:00:45 Shape of the Skis and design process

0:03:30 Lukas' and Ian's background, getting into skiing

0:08:00 How the two met to first prototype, Meier Skis internship, Lukas making a press and molds

0:26:45 Ian's desire to make skis, gathering materials

0:31:25 Ski press explained, Ski "technology"

0:41:15 Starting the business, price, using a manufacture, first drop

0:59:35 Next model, changes, graphics

1:09:05 Getting into retailers

1:10:10 Logo and name origin

1:14:20 Viewer Questions

1:36:35 Plug