In this episode, we sit down with Mac Forehand. Mac is a 20 year old from Connecticut in the middle of a ski season that includes first time appearances in the X Games and the Olympics. Although he didn't podium in Beijing, he took home a Big Air silver in Aspen after getting in as an alternate. Find out more in the episode linked below.



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Line Skis ad read

0:00:30 Intro

0:01:28 Catching up with Mac Forehand

0:03:55 Biography ,Growing up in Connecticut, Moguls and rail jams

0:09:55 Getting approached by US Ski Team, Level1, SMS

0:31:20 Chill skiing vs comp, Training, Mental barriers

0:36:35 First X Games, Sponsors

0:51:40 Olympics, pins and kits

1:16:35 Post Olympic schedule

1:19:25 Viewer questions