Another episode from Mammoth! This time with Mr. Luke O'Brien. Tune in for a conversation about stye, progression on rails, beefing with haters, and more.

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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Welcome Luke

0:01:05 What brings Luke to Mammoth

0:01:45 Growing up in New Hampshire, Going to Utah for school

0:02:55 When did the spinning start

0:04:00 Tanner Hall watching from the lift

0:05:40 Opinions on spins, Blocklist, Street part

0:08:25 "The Runge", Sponsors and getting on J Skis, Trick jibberish

0:14:05 Progression and Stonezone

0:15:55 Major spin game players, Style

0:18:05 Early influneces, Favorite parts

0:20:20 Super Unknown, Not drinking

0:24:10 Visualization, Lips getting tracked out

0:27:25 Goals in skiing, Favorite rail

0:31:30 Coaching

0:44:30 Audience questions