Thank you to all of you who submitted your entries for King and Queen of Banff Sunshine. We had some amazing shots at both crowns and judging was really tough. Rylee Hackler (@rhacks), Theo Vivian (@Sno-Void), and Brayden Tritter (@TOADER) all came close to taking home the crown. Rylee's cork 7 was a standout and Theo's creative trick selection was real refreshing while watching these through. But ultimately both our King and Queen narrowly pipped them to the post.

Our Queen of Sunshine Village is Elena Paskevich (@epaskevich) with her rail game sealing the deal.

Meanwhile, our King is none other than Dillon Eades (@Dillon_Eades). His decision to venture out of the park, combined with flawless rail and jump tricks, meant that versatility won the day this time around.


Both of our winners take home $1000 for their effort. Congratulations to you both! A big shoutout goes to Banff Sunshine for hosting this event again and giving their riders the chance to take home some cheddar. Check out the other entries here.