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Round 1

  • Queen of the Park- Elena Paskevich
    Judges rating: 9.25
    54 User votes
    By epaskevich
    Fun day skiing in my favourite place with some of my favourite people:) Big thanks to Eric Jewan for filming all day!
  • Rylee Hackler Queen of SSV
    Judges rating: 9
    58 User votes
    By rhacks
    This is my 2021 entry for queen of ssv:)
  • Dillon Eades_King of Sunshine Contest
    Judges rating: 8.5
    48 User votes
    By Dillon_Eades
    My name is Dillon Eades, I am 22 years old and this is my entry for the King of Sunshine Contest.
  • Theo Vivian- Contest Entrée
    Judges rating: 8.25
    50 User votes
    By Sno-Void
    my skis fell off the gondola filmed by @finlaybrodylo
  • BRAYDEN TRITTER - king of the park
    Judges rating: 7.75
    38 User votes
    A fun day rip to the shine - footy by Mark Valtr
  • Bailey Lahure Sunshine Crowing Ceremony
    Judges rating: 7.5
    32 User votes
    By Armanichainzz
    My name is bailey, I ski sunshine. Its a lot of fun. Especially with friends. I would love to be considered royalty, might give me the confidence to take a shot at Elizabeth.
  • Ryan Kennedy King of the Park Entry
    Judges rating: 6.75
    14 User votes
    By RZcrew
    The park is so fun!! best day i had this season no doubt :) Hope to get back out there more this spring!!
  • Emily Lucas Sunshine Contest Entry
    Judges rating: 6.5
    14 User votes
    By emluuxas
    Spent a couple days this March filming at Sunshine Village :)
  • Mark Valtr Sunshine Shenanigans
    Judges rating: 6.5
    18 User votes
    By mvaltz
    Couple days filming some funky maneuvers @ Sunshine Village this March
  • David Murray King of the Parking Lot
    Judges rating: 5.75
    17 User votes
    By Birddogmurray
    -- Two days at sunshine --
  • Covid Clips
    Judges rating: 4.75
    4 User votes
    By Xander25
    Some clips from sunshine after acl reconstruction one year ago.
  • Sammy Steenhorst- K.O.P
    Judges rating: 4.67
    5 User votes
    By SammySteamboat
    A few of my favourites this season
  • Queen Bee Coralie
    Judges rating: 4.25
    2 User votes
    By Genevieve.nj
    Coralie is a sick die-hard park rat. She is the true queen of the Sunshine Wolvy park!
  • King Harry
    Judges rating: 3.67
    2 User votes
    By clairifly
    Steezin'. Harry is a ski patrol worker at Sunshine and enjoys sendin' it in his free time.
  • GS Park Videos
    Judges rating: 2.67
    4 User votes
    By Georgia.sexton
    This season I decided to try out more park riding and attempted some basic tricks, here’s as far as I got before a season ending injury. I definitely grew my confidence a lot early in the season and started to love the park. Excited to get back into it