First off, thank you to all of you who entered King Of The Park at Killington this year and those who cast their votes too. We had a bunch of great entries and it was tough work for our judges to make the final call. There were loads of votes, with Chris Bechtold (@C_Bechtold ) and Jessy Paroline (@Jesseparoline ) stacking the likes and deservedly so. The nollie 7 and switch 4 to switch (respectively) were definitely two of the competition highlights. But ultimately, the judges called it in favor of Andy Hoblitzelle (@capresemacncheez ), who takes home a cool grand in $$ for his efforts. Congratulations to Andy... that switch-on blind 3 swap to forwards was ridiculous.


Big shoutout to Killington ( @WWKillington ) for hosting this event again and giving their riders the chance to take home some cheddar. Check out the other entries here.