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Round 1

  • Andy Vid
    Judges rating: 9.17
    57 User votes
    By capresemacncheez
    We hiked
  • Chris kotp contest
    Judges rating: 8.67
    120 User votes
    By C_Bechtold
    Killy pretty lit right now
  • Jesse Paroline King of the Park 2021
    Judges rating: 8.67
    120 User votes
    By Jesseparoline
    Here are my three tricks for the Newschoolers King of the Park video contest 2021. If you enjoyed, please take a second to log in and toss me a vote! Thanks for watching.
  • Brandon Westburg - King of the Park 21'
    Judges rating: 7.67
    104 User votes
    By Bwestburg802
    Awh yeah, again and again! Stoked this contest is back for this year, and Woodward K has been laying it down all damn season. Thanks for filming Kevin and Tele Tim.
  • Killy King Clips - [Isaac Emery]
    Judges rating: 7.17
    28 User votes
    By Isaac_Emery
    I had a great time skiing and filming with my friends over winter break and here are my 3 favorite clips from Woodward Killington. Hope you all enjoy!
  • My best clips
    Judges rating: 6.5
    13 User votes
    By Dylanaker__
    Thanks to the parks crew at Woodward Killington for having such a sick setup this year. These are some of my favorite clips from the season.
  • Best of SJ @ Killington
    Judges rating: 5.83
    10 User votes
    By s.j.mitchell
    Who knew that the only contest at Killi this year was gonna be one I could compete in with a torn ACL? Bummed to be out for the rest of the year but thankfully got to log some clips in Mouse. Cheers, homies...
  • Goon of the Park - Davis Taylor
    Judges rating: 5.5
    7 User votes
    By dwt802
    Didn’t get many clips as I’m in Montana for school now but homies and I agreed I had to enter the home mountain contest and support. This is ass but I miss y’all. S/O @thetribe802
  • Blown Shoulder
    Judges rating: 4.33
    9 User votes
    By SkierPT
    Tried to film more on my three day trip to Killington with my family and sadly had a season ending shoulder injury on a freak accident. This clip is the best I have filmed.Thanks NS and Woodward for hosting!
  • Telemark in the park
    Judges rating: 2.6
    12 User votes
    By StangelDangle
    King of the park