Not everyone spends every waking moment of their free time browsing the wonderful world that is Newschoolers like myself. In order to make your life easier, I've compiled the greatest pieces of content from the last 7 days into one place so you can stay up-to-date in the world of skiing.


X-Games 3rd year of Real Ski BC was something else this year! All the edits were absolute bangers but one stood above the rest! Twig summed up the entries perfectly; "Sean Pettit threw unreal tricks in the biggest of lines. Joe Schuster dubbed out like crazy. Park and Dahrk were style incarnate and Sammy did things we've never seen anyone do before." Find out who won here!

Soldier Mountain in Idaho is up for sale for cheap (seriously) which means NS Mountain is oh so close to be reality. Should we band together to have our own shred paradise that we could make the ultimate NS meeting place?

We came, we saw, and we conquered yet another iF3 in Montreal. NS member zbphoto took a bunch of rad film photos and posted them all here.


The final episode of Chris Logan and Parker White's Mtn Revision series for 2015 has PWhite & Dahrk lacing some of the illest BC lines and massive booters. After watching this, it begs me to ask; are they the best duo in skiing right now?

I cannot put into words what you will witness while watching this movie from the Beast Coast crew at HG Skis better than TallxT Dan, "How could you guys do this to the newschoolers community. We can't handle this. This the typa shit that makes everyone like it. What are we gonna fight about? How will we complain??? WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?"

BRS is the crew you've probably slept on but should really know every single one of their edits by heart. Yeah, they're that good. The boys from Sweden brought the heat to streets in one of the best free movies this year.


Your weekly Instabanger, brought to you buy Taylor Seaton clogging arteries with all his butter.

Ready for blastoff!

The taco bar was all you can eat on Tuesday.

That's it for last week! Hope you're all caught up in the world of Newschoolers. If I missed anything great, let me know in the comments below!