The dream of having a whole mountain to you, yourself, and maybe a few friends is much closer than you think....

If you can get 150 NSers together you can buy out this entire resort nestled on the edge of the Sawtooths for just $1000 per person! The non-profit ski area, about 50 miles southwest of Idaho's most famous resort Sun Valley, is for sale for a measly $150,000 which includes; inventory, lifts, buildings, vehicles, snow machines, and the most important part, the bar.

Soldier Mountain released this statement on their Facebook page stating "The price is real. This is all we owe to our bank for the last 3 years of improvements and operations . As a non profit we only sell for the debt owed against the business."

To put how "cheap" this is in perspective, Vail purchased Afton Alps in Minnesota and Mount Brighton in Michigan for $20 million in 2012. Buying Soldier Mountain is quite the bang for your buck if I do say so myself.

Not much more snow at Soldier Mountain BUT you are out west and it would be your own private shred paradise so...

What do you say NS?! Should we band together to have our own shred paradise that we could make the ultimate NS meeting place?

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