Member Review:

The Nomad 105 Lites felt just as good as the stock 105s with a little stiffer flex and, of course, a little less weight. The Lites would be perfect for an AT setup for the person looking for a more playful ski to tour on that is a bit lighter than the normal construction. I don't have the exact weight difference but it was definitely noticeable when on snow. - Zypher

Characteristics: Light, Playful

Manufacturer's Description:

The new Nomad 105 Lite is an ultra-lite freeride tool that excels both touring and freeriding all over the mountain…. The Nomad 105 Lite has all the characteristics of our top-selling Nomad 105 at a fraction of the weight. We like to consider the Nomad 105 Lite our FREE-TOUR ski, that is just as FUN going up the mountain as it is coming down!

Sizes: 161, 171, 181, 191 CM

Dimensions: 140 / 105 / 130 MM

Radius: 13-22 M