2018 Icelantic Ski Gear

Icelantic Maiden 101

2018 Skis

Characteristics: Floaty, Playful Manufacturer's Description: The new Maiden 101 is the narrowest option in the Maiden Freeride Collection. Its 95mm platform, rockered tip and tail and 2mm of camber underfoot, gives you true versatility all over the mountain. If you are looking for a playful ski that performs fr…

  • Sizes: 155, 162, 169
  • Dimensions: 126 / 101 / 136

Icelantic Maiden 111

2018 Skis

Characteristics: Buttery, Poppy, Stable Manufacturer's Description: Icelantic apologizes for leaving out a wide powder ski for the ladies until now! The brand new 2018 Maiden 111 combines design elements you'll find in their top-selling Nomad series with their signature Fly Weight core, and the end result is a …

  • Sizes: 146, 171, 181, 191
  • Dimensions: 146 / 111 / 136

Icelantic Nomad 105

2018 Skis

Member Reviews: Works great in the park. The extra width will allow you to go anywhere on the mountain but they are still skinny enough that you can whip it around in the park. Also the rocker profile makes switchups and surface swaps easier. One thing is that they are pretty stiff so if you like a softer ski, …

  • Sizes: 161, 171, 181, 191
  • Dimensions: 140 / 105 / 130

Icelantic Nomad 105 LITE

2018 Skis

Member Review: The Nomad 105 Lites felt just as good as the stock 105s with a little stiffer flex and, of course, a little less weight. The Lites would be perfect for an AT setup for the person looking for a more playful ski to tour on that is a bit lighter than the normal construction. I don't have the exact wei…

  • Sizes: 161, 171, 181, 191
  • Dimensions: 140 / 105 / 130

Icelantic Nomad 115

2018 Skis

Member Review: The 115s have a surprisingly playful nature for a ski of their size. To compare to a well known ski, they're a more slashy, pivoty, and poppy version of the Moment Bibby Pro. Now, I know that the Bibby is regarded as one of the greatest skis period so I'm sorry if I offended anybody but as soon…

  • Sizes: 171, 181, 191
  • Dimensions: 150 / 115 / 140

Icelantic Nomad 125

2018 Skis

Member Review: When you look at the Nomad 125 you'll probably see a fat ass ski with full reverse camber, soft(er) flex, and think "No". Well hear me out. The 125s are one of the most versatile fat skis I've ever ridden.The ice days were not good ill admit, though for a 125 waisted ski, they roll over on ed…

  • Sizes: 170, 180, 190
  • Dimensions: 152 / 125 / 148

Icelantic Nomad 95

2018 Skis

Newschoolers' Review A super playful ski that is definitely on the soft end of the spectrum, especially in the tail, which is bordering on noodle soft. Ideal for butters, surface swaps etc, but a little less so on big jumps and charging fast. They weigh in on the low end of the scale too making them a nice easy for …

  • Sizes: 161, 171, 181, 191
  • Dimensions: 130 / 95 / 110

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