so there's this girl.

her name is Danielle. she is 17, a skier, a great soccer player, a friend, on fire for the lord, chill, funny and over all just plain cool.

i really like her, and i want to get to know her a lot more than i do. i want to see what she thinks, and see where we go from there.

this is my 2nd major crush. the first one, i had in france, but i only started maturing in my emotions right about when i was told i wa smoving to sweden. so i never told her exactly how i felt, because id din't want to break her heart, or mine, for that matter. so i stayed silent.

for a year i went on, with something i have coined as "makeup crushes". not an actual crush, no. just a physical attraction i was trying to convince myself was what i felt in france for that one special lady. i was messed up emotionnaly for the longest time. from crush to crush, not knowing what i was actually feeling, and scaring myself sometimes. in the end, all of it was just shallow attraction, nothing like i had felt for Jenny.

danielle has always been part of my swedish life. the first time i went to New Life church in stockholm, she got baptised, and came over and made me feel welcome right away int his weird and scary place.

then, i went on a ski trip with her, to Åre. i felt a really great connection. i may ahve even had the start of what i feel today, but i passed it off as no more than any other of my rolling crushes. still, she was just so awesome.

a year has passed since that ski trip, and ski trip number two is gone. during that week, i came to feel the same way for her as i had jenny. i don't know how she feels, and i want to find out. i also don't want to endanger anything going on for her. everyone loves her, and i don't want to ruin any of it.

im probably over thinking it. have i turned emo? i dunno, but man, she is just so awesome. i may be in love.