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Current Status: Solo
Home Mountain: Le Semnoz
Sponsors: Oakley and Armada, once removed.
Best Tricks: Impact resistance.
My Gear: Armada Ar6 181
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Hey, thanks for checking out my profile and seeing what I'm about. I don't have anything clever to say, I don't ski particularly well, and have never had a steady girlfriend, but at least I'm in the top 100 of the members on NS and have over 10k posts, right? Everything works out in the end.

We'll probably never meet, but I hope that this coming ski season works out for you. Whether you get 80 days, or like me, a handful, push yourself as hard as you can go, get creative, and enjoy this privilege to the fullest extent.

God bless,
The One Known As Patty almostaskier

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