The weather in Aspen is not great this weekend but thankfully the lights made for far better visibility than the daytime events and the guys went full sicko mode as a result. Big Air has certainly reached the point of ridiculous but it's sort of unashamedly so, which makes it all the more fun to watch. Tonight, despite the absence of one of the favorites in Birk Ruud (positive covid test), saw a handful of competition firsts and so many rotations it made you dizzy to watch. Two different jumps made up the final score but there were no other requirements, which meant it was a full-on send fest.

There was some dope style on show from Quan and, of course, Henrik who stomped his first sw dub bio 18. Alex Hall's grabs were as ridiculous as ever, Evan McEachran was landing like he never left the ground and Antoine Adelisse did his thing crazy again too. ABM stomped a switch triple octo to octo which is impossible to even comprehend. Quan did a triple front flip... it was one hell of a show. But it was Andri Ragettli who lit up the Aspen skies tonight, with what was surely one of the great big air performances, in rotational terms at least. He gets a lot of flack on NS, some of it (admittedly) from us. But tonight he put on a straight-up ridiculous show of spinning talent. The judges loved it and his throwaway scores would have won him the contest.


Best tricks:

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand - Switch triple 14 dub safety, switch dub bio 16 octo, switch triple 14 octo to octo

Quinn Wolferman - Dub 9 safety, switch dub bio 16, triple frontflip

Andri Ragettli- Triple 18 mute, Triple 16 (pullback/pretzel) safety, Triple 19 mute (first try)

Woodsy - Forward triple 14 safety, switch right triple 14 octo, Dub 16 mute

Evan McEachran - Switch dub 18 blunt, switch triple 16 mute

Antoine Adelisse - Triple 16 nosemute, switch pre-nose triple 14, trip 16 mute to safety to tindy

Alex Hall - Switch dub 18 seatbelt/tail, Dub 16 true nose

Henrik Harlaut - Dub bio 16 safety, Switch dub bio 18 safety


1st Place - Andri Ragettli


2nd Place - Antoine Adelisse


3rd Place - Alex Hall


Other highlights (Henrik, Evan, ABM, Woodsy, Quinn):