Last week we cut our Greatest Edit Of All Time from four indisputable bangers to two finalists. Our semi-finals were pretty clear cut in terms of results and the top two edits from our initial poll are the last two standing.

Both of the two remaining edits, Team America's JOSS submission from 2009 and Tom Wallisch's SuperUnknown feature the King of Afterbang. His SuperUnknown rocketed him to stardom earning him a regular spot on the Level 1 roster which ultimately, via some of the greatest movie parts of all time, saw him invited to Jon Olsson's Super Sessions in Are, Sweden. There, he linked up with Simon Dumont, Josh Berman (Level 1) and Tyler Hamlet (PBP) (and Nate Abbot on photo duty) to produce the masterpiece that was their submission to the contest. They didn't even win the contest but the edit joined Tom's SuperUnknown as one of the defining edits of freeskiing. Now it's up to you to decide which is the GOAT. Tom's SuperUnknown that birthed the legend, or one of the pinnacles of freeskiing's golden era.

Watch them one more time and VOTE NOW for the greatest edit of all time:


SuperUnknown V | Tom Wallisch


Team America JOSS '09 - Simon Dumont & Tom Wallisch (by Level 1 & Poorboyz)