A couple of weeks ago, we posted a poll aimed at ending the debate over the greatest edit of all time. As the votes came in, we realized two things. Firstly, that it was going to be incredibly close, and secondly, that having so many edits to choose from made things (too) difficult. Rather than crown an overall winner, we've taken the top 8 and put them into a bracket and we're going to ask you to choose between the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and ultimately the grand finale.

[If you missed it, vote in the first quarter-final HERE]

The second quarter-final features two skiers who are definitely goat'd in their own right. Tom Wallisch's SuperUnknown edit is (almost) indisputably, the most game-changing entry to skiing's longest running video contest. It changed our view of what was possible in rail skiing and announced the arrival on the scene of a man who continues to define the genre. King of afterbang, X Games Gold medalist, style icon, record breaker... it all stemmed from here. On the opposite side, One Of Those Days was the start of the renaissance of Candide Thovex. Already a legend, the edit series transformed him in to a global icon capable of packing movie theaters and breaking the internet with every turn. How one decides between these two, we don't know but that's the unenviable job of you, the reader.

Rewatch them for the thousandth time and VOTE NOW!


SuperUnknown V | Tom Wallisch



One of Those Days | Candide Thovex