In this episode, we sit down with ON3P athlete Forster Meeks. Tune in for our discussion about The Hood Crew, Zootspace, his new wine label Model Citizen Wines, getting his own pro ski, crushing cans at Mt Hood, and more.



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Model Citizen Wines

Best Meeks segment ever starting at 11:56

Show Notes:

0:00:00 Introducing Meeks

0:04:25 Living in Park City

0:05:15 Growing up in the Midwest

0:08:45 First trip to Hood

0:12:55 Moving to Salt Lake City

0:15:50 The Hood Crew, Mindset on Skiing at the time, Getting into the Wine game

0:27:45 Hood Crew continued

0:32:50 ON3P Pro model

0:48:15 ON3P 1, ON3P 2, ON3P 3

1:00:20 Model Citizen Wines

1:14:50 Viewer Questions, Future