In this episode, our most popular guest of all time, Emmett Davis, returns to the show to promote the new Vishnu video "Tears of Joy".



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Last episode, Two Planker Pod grind, Don't vape

0:03:40 Going to Ukraine, Salt lake Uncle

0:12:30 Getting sponsored by Vishnu, Vishnu "Team", Filming experience "manager"

0:23:10 Emmett street cut?, Arsenic collab, Inspirations, Breaking "rules" in skiing

0:40:30 Social Media Skiing, Irl vs Social, Skiing on camera, Dylan Manley

0:53:10 Cool guys in Salt Lake,

0:57:00 Top Sheets, Quantity, Prada

1:23:55 How much money does Emmett Davis make and allegedly living where he makes clothes

1:30:45 Mount Hood, Liberty UniversitySki camp, Kit Chat

1:45:00 Adding stuff to orders, Brand image, Vision, New Video!