In this episode, we sit down with Vishnu Freeski rider/certified hardbody: Dylan Manley.



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Tears of Joy Notes:

0:00:00 Becoming a Sous-chef

0:04:35 Emmett shoutout

0:06:20 Youth, Being a Ginger in skiing

0:14:15 Moving to Salt Lake

0:20:15 Urban, Super Unknown, Saga

0:28:25 Meeting Emmet, Riding the first Vishnu's

0:36:20 Teaming with Steve Stepp

0:39:15 SoulRyders

0:54:20 University

0:55:35 The Coterie

1:00:00 Vishnu, Emmett's Skiing

1:05:10 Knocked out opener breakdown in TEARS OF JOY

1:16:35 Viewer Questions