Photo: Reid MorthReid Morth put together a good little article on frequency: The Snowboarders Journal about the closing day at Bridger Bowl, Montana.  Its a great piece, with some classic photos and words that really capture the vibe up at Bridger during these spring days.  So great, that we've copied some of the elements into this post to highlight some of the high points....but be sure to check out the original here:frequency articleNothing cures a hangover like more of what caused it and some good cat track hits.  Here, Shane Stalling demonstrates how to do a Method.A group shot of the crew that day, Morth, Murph, Kirby, Shay & Carson.
Photo: Reid MorthAnd if you're looking for a hilarious edit that puts some of these stills to motion, Todd Kirby and the boys at Moose Mansion threw together this tree slapping, brew sipping, slush slashing montage of their last day.Looks like great way to end a great year over in Montana!