In this episode, we sit down with the founder of Virtika Outerwear, David Lesh, to discuss his entrepreneurial journey and becoming the most hated man in Colorado.

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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Day to day ops of Virtika, Current role and sources of income.

0:04:10 Growing up in India and moving back to Wisconsin as a kid, not fitting in and acting out

0:15:00 Parents reaction to causing trouble

0:16:30 Getting into skiing

0:19:05 8th grade bomb threat

0:20:40 View of skiing moving to Portland

0:26:15 Moving to Colorado, Sponsors

0:29:00 Non traditional, Starting Virtikia

0:40:00 Not turning back, Owning a business is not everyone

0:48:55 Reinvesting, Profits

0:52:40 Friday videos

0:58:35 Surviving an engine failure

1:04:45 Appealing federal petty crime

1:09:20 Trolling on instagram

1:18:50 Future, Hot take and Viewer questions