Cover Photo: Henrik Harlaut // Freeski Sweden

Ski big air made it's Olympic debut today with the women absolutely crushing it on a perfect Beijing booter. Shortly after it was the men's turn to come and throw down on the monumental jump, an adjustable tabletop being set at 22m lip to knuckle for the contest, with the sweet spot sitting even further away. The crew of qualified riders was absolutely stacked and the clips we'd been teased with in the proceeding week from riders practice gave us plenty to look forward too. This was set to be an awesome event and lead to an epic final.



Run 1:

The guys kicked things off flawlessly, everyone laced up their runs and it was set to be a tough morning in the booth for the judges. The first 21 runs were landed, and the first fall and only fall of round one was Teal Harle who just bottomed out a little on his super blind pretzel

Triples were the order of the day if you wanted to get scored into the 90s. With Birk Ruud putting himself out in front super early, rocking a switch left triple 19 mute going deep and clean. Setting the bar at at 94.50. Leonardo Donaggio stomped a trip 18 mute for 90.25. Henrik Harlaut showed why he is the GOAT lacing the nosebutter triple 16 with a super nice and unique axis, shouting Wu Tang for the children earned him some extra points bumping him to second with a 93. Tormrod Frostad also joined the 90 club with a switch double bio 18 Japan that was both effortless and huge. We had a brief hiatus from the 90 club, then big air specialist Christian Nummedal joined it with a switch triple 18 blunt, scoring 92.25. Spaniard Javier Liso joined with a switch triple 18 Japan also, earning 90.25.

Some of the more creative tricks we saw go down but didn't get stomped were Woodsy trying a triple 16 safety to critical which he pulled back to 14 (we think) unfortunately he landed a bit sketch and carved into the barriers. Thibault Magnin dropped a switch triple 1080 which is super blind but also took a bail. Jesper Tjader chucked a switch blender 18 but also couldn't hold on.

This was just silly from the word go!


Run 2:

Alex Hall and Colby Stevenson, who scored modestly in their first runs with an 1980 Buick and dub 18 lead cuban respectively to be scored 90.75 and 90.50 and bumped up their scores. Oliwer Magnusson dropped a switch triple 18 blunt for 89.25 putting him in 3rd, showing that he really is one of the worlds big air specialists. Young Norwegian gun Tormrod Frostad sent an effortless right triple 16 safety for 81.25. Both his jumps made him look like he had more time that anyone else.

Jesper Tjader laced his switch blender 18 Japan, he wrapped up and tweaked the grab really awesomely this earned him 91.75. Christian Nummedal dropped with one of the best first run scores, lacing up a left dub 16, a bit of a safety run to gain a second score of 77.25, giving him some space to try a huge trick in the third run, some good strategy here. Evan McEchran tried something similar adding to his 81.21 first run score with a switch dub 1800 lead tail 88.50 to give himself some breathing room.

Matej, Teal and Woodsy all took falls meaning their big air journeys would finish here.


Run 3:

Andri Ragettli fell on his 16 double grab, sitting in 10th with the rest of the field to drop it looked like he might miss out on finals. Birk Ruud absolutely stomped his dub bio 1800 mute grab held for the whole rotation, earning a 93.25 firing him into first place. Finn Bilous worked on on improving his dub 16 safety to blunt, an 82.00 was not going to be enough to pub him through to finals. Simo Peltola dropped a dub 14 safety held through the landing, bringing some Finnish wizardry to the world stage, earning a 72.00 but he showed off for the world. Ben Barclay dropped a switch 18 to score in the 80s, his combined score putting him right on the bubble. Max Moffatt landed his right 14 brought back to 12, he wiffed the blunt before blocking the rotation off with a safety and failed to advance.

Antoin Adelisse dropped his triple cork triple 16 triple grab - mute, safety, tail - one of his classic big air tricks hoping for a big score, it was enough to get into the bubble spot, bumping Ben Barclay. Nick Geopper took his triple absolutely massive bottoming out of the landing, failing to qualify. Leonardo Donaggio dropping with a big first run score (90.25), hoping to add enough to it qualify with a double 18 blunt 80.25 puts the rookie into finals, and put Andri Ragettli into 12th. Dani Bacher dropped a dub to add to the creativity in the comp and was awarded a 69.00 for that effort. Edouard Therriault laced up a switch double bio 16, with a double japan earning enough to get the bubble spot and bump Andri Ragettli out of qualification. Jesper's dub 16, added to his score of 91 for the switch blender, securing his spot. Mac Forehand and Javier Liso dropped back to back dub 16 lead tails, Mac secured his spot with this one. Thibault didn't make finals but laced up a double backie for the fans. Christian Nummedal, sitting on the bubble put down a double 16 super smooth looking to give a touch of space between him and the bubble while waiting for Evan McEchran to drop. Ferdi rounded out qualies with style saving himself for slopestyle.