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Sliding above the Slush

by williamrbtucker
Mar 2013 - 485 views

Really fun edit with some good friends and people i am always looking to learn from. Film was shot along side an All Mountain Academy summer camp, Joe Harkess, Luke Rogers, Sam and JT entertaining as always

Happy Laps

by williamrbtucker
Mar 2013 - 842 views

This might be on here somewhere already but i thought it was worth another look. I spent the season learning as much as i could from Sam and whilst i watched on in awe, Jack captured the shots and this edit was one of the winners of Britains Got Skiers

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Another Creativity

by williamrbtucker
Mar 2013 - 850 views

Probs not the right place for this video but i still find it interesting. One of the guys i have the great pleasure to ride with regularly (Sam Brennan) is up to this when he is not skiing. and it is beautiful

Have Snow Will Shovel

by williamrbtucker
Mar 2013 - 559 views

The skiing the kingdom project comprises a group of skiers from the UK who wanted to show what it takes to be a dedicated skier in the UK. No snow but loads of passion and i love riding and shooting with these guys!!