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Is This Summer?

by widepantzzzz
Aug 2023 - 460 views

Akamp video!

Thomas Galarneau
Rémi Asselin
Henri Joyal
Jacob Legault
Édouard Thériault
Mathieu Dufresne
Sam McKernan
Filmed and cut by Louis Lefebvre

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by widepantzzzz
Jan 2022 - 1.1K views

Spent a day wippin around stoneham, got high on fluor in hd
Jeremy Gagné
Henri Joyal
Louis Couture
Renaud Joyal
Vincent Perrin

VX2100 PT1

by widepantzzzz
Jan 2022 - 523 views

skiing by Dylan Deschamps & Jeremy Gagné, filming n editing by yours truly

filmed this last season, putting it now on ns lol


by widepantzzzz
Mar 2022 - 654 views

cartel c aka cartel couture aka tilime's backyard

Completely forgot to turn the sound on on the dvx, so mostly no sound. Shit happens ;~)