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TWOOWT Laps | #7 SLASH Session

by twoowtskis
May 4th - 311 views

After filming pow movie all winter season @Anufrievski went to his hometown resort for some spring Laps. The place where it all started in 2007... It was the best park setup in years so we made another episode of Laps series. Enjoy!

Camera: Aleksey Bogatyrev
Location: "Krasnoe Ozero resort", Saint-Petersburg
Song: Kizaru feat. OG Maco- Sunny Drive


by twoowtskis
Oct 2021 - 3.9K views

2021 summer park ski movie.


Andrey Anufriev
Siver Voll
Samuel Alander
Ferdinand Dahl
Alex Hackel
Ralph Welponer
Dario Alberghino
Tobias Zingg
Niall James
Jacques Summermatter
Claudio Pfaffen

Directed by:

Andrey Anufriev

Filmed by:

Andrey Anufriev
Siver Voll

Additional filming by:

Nico Detta
Ferdinand Dahl
Jacques Summermatter
Niall James
RustyToothBrush crew & more...


Andrey Anufriev

Supported by: TWOOWT skis

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by twoowtskis
Jul 2020 - 5.8K views


Dive into the atmosphere of urban skiing with Dima Makrushin. His new profile will take you from cloudy Moscow to sunny Kirovsk in five minutes, enjoy!

Produced by Sergey Agapov
Directed by Dmitriy Makrushin and Boris Gaisner
Main camera by Boris Gaisner
Additional shots by Ilya Sukhenko, Egor Ryabykh, Anton Bubnov and Fankee Mankee
Editing by Boris Gaisner and Dmitriy Makrushin
Sound design by Sergey Kishkin

Skiing by Dmitriy Makrushin
Guest tricks by Anton Bubnov, Misha Smirnov and Vladimir Kharlamov

Shot on locations Moscow, Istra, Kirovsk

Additional thanks: Buba, Den’gub, Ilya Denisov, Vladislove and his gang

dedication to Boris Deart by pavel milyakov / buttechno
Counter Break & Ritbeat - Rock To Mic
Flaty - Pokrov
Thrust - Do You Understand (Scam Remix)




by twoowtskis
May 2019 - 2.7K views

After pretty much no winter season Andrey Anufriev started skiing again in spring and went straight to paradise - LAAX, Swiss. Nothing is better than skiing again! Check out new episode of Laps series from snowpark LAAX.
Skier: Andrey Anufriev (@anufrievski)
Film/edit: Aleksey Bogatyrev (@aleksey_bogatyrev)

#twoowtskis #twoowtfam #twoowtDYEDSTICKS

Andrey's signature skis are available:

TWOOWT Laps | #4 Kauni early season 19

by twoowtskis
Dec 2019 - 1.9K views

In searching for some good skiing, we followed our good tradition of being in Austrian Alps in early season. We teamed up with Samuel Alander and our IBK homies to mostly ski Kaunertal snowpark(mad respect to resort and shapers for keeping park in best conditions) that always got nice lines and features.
So take 3 min. break and enjoy new "Laps" episode with some OG skiing as we always trying to spread by our content. Peace!
Location: Tyrol, Austria(Kaunertal Gletcher)
Filming: All the Boys
Editing: Alex Golovkin