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This is Telemark. | OFFICIAL TRAILER - Touring Now!

by telecolo_
Nov 2023 - 385 views

Check out the OFFICIAL TRAILER for TELE COLO's first feature length telemark movie, "This is Telemark."

Touring now!!

Check the link below to find a movie screening near you!

Since the first recorded recreational telemark turns in the mid-1800’s, the technology – and the riders – have seen incredible advancements. Despite these advancements, the perception of telemark remains aged – floppy bindings, granola diets, unkept beards, smells of patchouli. Now, the new generation of telemark skiers are here to challenge the status quo. From downtown urban rail missions to backcountry booters… “This is TELEMARK”.

Featuring: Ty Dayberry, Greg Yearsley, Elijah Vargas, Nina Asher, Sal Malone, Gunnar Stoltenow, Taylor Hennum, Wyatt Daigle, Brickley Biondi, Christopher Ewart, Fynn Osmundson, Eliza Biondi, Sylvia Kinosian, Sofia Whitefields, and Nic Hoffman.

A Telemark Movie by TELE COLO

Presented by 22 Designs

Additional Support by Bishop Telemark and Eldora Mountain Resort

Tour Supported by Scarpa and Flylow Gear

Backcountry Dub and Urban on Telemark - TELE COLO "TREW to You" Film Segment

by telecolo_
Oct 2023 - 468 views

Our telemark film segment for TREW Gear w/ park, urban, and backcountry booter tele goodness!

If you dig our segment, PLEASE VOTE for TELE COLO at the following link:

Over the past 22/23 Winter season, TELE COLO was selected to submit a short segment for the TREW to You Community Film Competition! We had 6 weeks to film and 4 weeks to edit. We are stoked to show some telemark urban and backountry booter footage will be a part of our full length film "This is Telemark" coming out this Fall!

Staying "TREW to You" to us meant to show what the hell is truly happening in telemark skiing, aside from just purely listening to the Grateful Dead. This means hitting the park, the streets, and the backcountry cheese wedges. Enjoy!


by telecolo_
Oct 2023 - 556 views

The TELE COLO crew returns back to the Woodward at Copper Terrain Park (Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA) during the 2021/22 tele season to shred rail, hit jumps, and avoid USASA snowboarder kids.

Film by TELE COLO.

Supported by Bishop Telemark.

Featuring: Greg Yearsley, Christopher Ewart, Taylor Hennum, Gunnar Stoltenow, Elijah Vargas, and Nina Asher.
Editing by: CJ Coccia
Filming by: CJ Coccia and Curtis Devore


by telecolo_
Sep 2022 - 490 views

With great snow and insane sessions also comes low tides and unexpected injuries, BUT HEY... THAT'S LIFE! Follow Taylor Hennum and friends as they roll with the tides of the 2022 season in the Utah backcountry and resorts.

Taylor Hennum and friends

Supported by:
The love for telemark skiing

That's Life will be a part of the 2022 TELE FILM TOUR, check out the link below for a showing near you!

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Telemark Park Film - Why Not.

by telecolo_
Dec 2021 - 1.1K views

Telemark skiers Greg Yearsley, Chris Ewert, Taylor Hennum, and Ty Dayberry celebrate the end of the 20/21 season with a 2-day meetup at the Woodward at Copper Park at Copper Mountain, Colorado.

Motivated by Level 1's Superunknown. This project is intended to be a yearly meetup to bring together some of telemark's more progressive park riders!

Supported by Bishop Telemark.


by telecolo_
Sep 2022 - 1.5K views

A continuation from the Why Not. film meetup... the TELE COLO crew revisits Woodward at Copper for a second year to show what new age telemark really is looking like.

Will be a part of the 2022 TELE FILM TOUR, check out the link below for a showing near you!

Greg Yearsley
Taylor Hennum
Nina Asher
Elijah Vargas (that tele kid from the Entourage films)
Gunnar Stoltenow
Garrett Kneeshaw
Chris Ewart

with support from Bishop Telemark