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Ski Diary March 24- Maple Syrup

by skiP.E.I.
Mar 24th - 101 views

Spring in the East: skiing and making maple syrup.
A friend was asked to dispose of this 10 foot rail at work and brought it to me. Placed it in the woods so I could jib while waiting for sap to boil off.
Inspired by the recent safety slide controversy, I went for right and left hand safety on the rail.
Boiled the sap almost to syrup, and I'll filter it then finish it at home where I can watch the temperature with a candy thermometer.

February roundup

by skiP.E.I.
Mar 12th - 997 views

Skiing in the mountains of PEI, February 2024
Featuring Dennis Park, Ted Park, Will Baker, Sam Hunter, Carter Worth, Nat Baker, Silas Leclair, Matt Guindon, Matt Lank, Colby Munro, Emma MacPhail, Sophia Vickerson

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Lab Winter

by skiP.E.I.
Aug 2021 - 2.2K views

Snot and snow sliding.Skiing: Will BakerSnowboarding: Alex Henniffent, Liam GallopMusic: On A Desert Isle- C.W. Stoneking

P.E.I. Ski diary November 21

by skiP.E.I.
Nov 2023 - 214 views

Day 5. It's always nice to get my little piece of the PEI railway on the go again. The trees were the highlight of the day. A little 'street' session was a great way to cap the day off.