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When The Leeve Breaks

by sdrvper
Apr 2023 - 6.3K views

Closing day spring skiing at Mt St Louis Moonstone with GUOHSKI

Skiing - Macguire Webster, Stephen Draper, Charlie Beatty, Spencer Maclean, Rae Moondo, Kyle Mattice, Caleb Barnes, Ethan Murdy, Thomas Mcewen, Jack Pritchard and Jesse Groose.

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by sdrvper
Apr 2017 - 18.3K views

Filmed: James Hall (@j3p.cinema) | Song: 1000
Filmed on a sunny afternoon in the outback with friends,

Couldn't be happier with how this season went, lots of fun travelling with guoh, family and friends.
Thank you K2, Smith and Bloom

Season-PassLess- Stephen Draper 15v16

by sdrvper
Apr 2016 - 6.7K views

One of, if not the best season of my life yet it was the first time I didn't have a pass. I had so much fun skiing with all the new people I was able to meet bouncing around from resort to resort. Quick thank yous to Joey Kraft, Mark Draper, Bloom Outerwear


by sdrvper
Feb 2021 - 6.3K views

Reopening weekend in Ontario with guohski after skiing being restricted due to a 2 month region wide COVID lockdown.

Closing Day?

by sdrvper
Apr 2021 - 5.9K views

Without knowing it was closing day (The "?") the @guohski boys filmed an edit on a slushy afternoon in the Junkyard. Over the next couple days, all ski hills in Ontario would be forced to close as we entered another stay at home lockdown due to covid. Last edit of the year for us, see you next year.