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by gvcci
Mar 2017 - 1.7K views

i want to say thank you to K2 Skis for the crazy good support over the last years. i was always happy with my set up!!
Juergen Nigg helped me with this cut to rep my dream sponsor Ninthward . Thank you and thx to Nathaniel Styza for the support!
also thx to PRIME SKIING for your support!


by Dirty.Pete
May 2021 - 2.4K views

Closing week at Corvatsch
Skiing by: Peter Raich, Zane Severson, Alex Koford
Editing by: Ryan Mcelmon
Colors by: Peter Raich
Filming by: Ryan Mcelmon, Zane Severson, Alex Koford, Peter Raich
Consultant: Nate Miceli