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Kinda skiing

by methscratchface
Jul 9th - 270 views

survival skiing on Suncupped garbage riddled with fallen rock debris. Neat times exploring a new zone tho. A little earlier perhaps for next year.

Cracks Kill

by methscratchface
Jun 13th - 283 views

Who doesnt like unknowingly cruising towards a little death crack every now and then. Could have been ugly. looked deep and scary. Lucky to sneak in a great lap between the hail and lightning. Taking advantage of the higher elevation trailheads finally becoming accessible!

Beartooth Pass Opening Tweekend

by methscratchface
Jun 11th - 244 views

Thanks to all that gave us truck rides and snowmobile bumps. Great times exploring the roadside attractions of beartooth pass. Cant wait to go back and rally some tbar laps at the basin and do some more poking around. RIP transfer case.

Run to the Hills

by methscratchface
May 24th - 275 views

Staying high cause the rivers are all blown the fuck out, who cares fishing is for grandpas. summer ski season is shaping up quite nicely. the runnels are forming, cornices are breaking, and the sun cups should be knee deep soon enough.

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