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by lo-key
Dec 2015 - 870 views

Had hopes of using this footage for a short film sort of thing which unfortunately didn't really work out, but I didn't want it to go to waste, so here it is

on a side note, I know some of the jump shots may have been a little sketch but I didn't actually have a tripod whilst filming this and had to make-do with what I had ( in this case it was a traffic cone I borrowed from snow planet and rested my camera on lmao ) however I actually own a tripod now so it's cool

ty for watching and enjoy


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Lachie Paterson ~ Back on Snow

by lo-key
Jan 2015 - 910 views

After breaking my second arm back in October I had almost 3 months off skiing in total, this gave me time to think about my future in terms of skiing. This edit is kind of a preview of the direction that I'm trying to take my skiing. Hope you enjoy :)

Luke Hughes . Lachie Paterson

by lo-key
Oct 2014 - 993 views

I thought I was being sneaky by calling two more runs when I knew I only had one but, the wizard people were too smart for me and they caught me out. I payed the ultimate price of breaking my arm. Enjoy.