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trina's #sw vol. 4

by katrina
Jan 2015 - 31.6K views

day 5 back on skis and i couldn't be happier to be back on snow. caught a couple laps with the homie brooke potter, if you haven't yet check out Team Tuesdays. instaham: trina_sig ...see you next wednesday

trina's #sw vol 7

by katrina
Feb 2015 - 27.7K views

it's been like spring in denver, that means sundresses, spring rain showers, fresh broccoli, white wine, and also sunny ass park days. shout out to my valentine @free_noah, and happy valentines day!

trina's #sw vol. 8

by katrina
Mar 2015 - 46.1K views

this was a big week for me, got my newest diploma in the mail, skied with steve stepp, re-learned a scary jump trick, then made videos for nine queens and the north face open, then got to live out my ski girl dreams and ski with erik olson, jon hartman, and johnny rossman at copper and have one hell of a time.

trina's #sw vol. 9

by katrina
Apr 2015 - 18.3K views

took advantage of the swells at brighton with my bae noah. there were waves for days, tropical utah did not disappoint. also took control of the NS snapchat for a bit and did some other stuff. utah loves nudity. #FREENOAHSHEART #sexualwednesday @goodenoughbgk @FREE_NOAH @trina_sig

sw finale drops in 1 week

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Mom Twerks and Hits a Box

by katrina
Sep 2013 - 12.4K views

I am neither a mother or pregnant... a few laps filmed on a few different days, sorry no jumps, just didnt film any I guess. Filmed by Trevor Jansen, Jeff Toland-Smith, Blake Frautschi, Danylle Hammett. Thanks to hotpossie, totally trevor, and all my friends who made this season the most fun yet :)

beer, boobs, and backflips

by katrina
May 2014 - 20.2K views

so after i had to take the original down eheath was kind enough to help me re-edit it to make it more appropriate. i took a solo yolo roadtrip to slc for pc closing day and it did not disappoint. beer, boobs, and backflips, easily the most fun closing day i have ever been to. thank you to hood crew for being excellent tour guides.

trina's #sw vol 10

by katrina
Nov 2015 - 6.9K views

this is what happens at the line team shoot if you aren't tom wallisch.



the dream - that's my shit
the weeknd - can't feel my face
yelle - je veux te voir